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Core competence of the law firm SCHÄFER.|RECHT is criminal tax law. Stefan Schäfer, the firm’s namesake, has been working in this legal field for years. In different areas. From different perspectives. Lawyer. Head of tax investigation. Head of criminal and fines office. University lecturer. SCHÄFER.|RECHT has a specialized knowledge. Possesses experience. Allegations of tax offences are often accompanied by white collar crimes. Here, too, we know our way around. SCHÄFER.|RECHT sees itself as a dispute resolver. Disputes with investigating authorities are a problem. We help to settle these disputes. So our clients can live a normal life again.

Tax law

SCHÄFER.|RECHT advises in all tax litigation proceedings. Tax law is becoming increasingly complicated. More and more complex. Disputes with tax offices are increasing. This often results in the threat of a criminal tax law accusation. SCHÄFER.|RECHT joins the game when there is a fire. We see ourselves as a partner of the tax advisor. We do not provide ongoing tax advice. Close cooperation and constant communication with the tax consultant is important to us.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Tax investigation audit
  • Tax audit
  • Tax procedure law
  • Objection procedure
  • Fiscal court proceedings

SCHÄFER|RECHT also provides consulting services on customs law issues. 


Criminal law

SCHÄFER.|RECHT defends all allegations of criminal law. In addition, all accusations of the German OWiG. We are specialists in criminal tax law. We are also well-versed in commercial criminal law. Defending tax offences requires an understanding of the substantive tax law. Defense in white-collar crime requires an understanding of economic interrelationships. In both areas, experience in criminal law and criminal procedural law is also essential. SCHÄFER.|RECHT combines both. We defend you.

Our core competencies are:

  • Criminal tax law (including tax evasion, advice on self-denunciation, frivolous tax reduction, violations of the German Fiscal Code)
  • Commercial criminal law (including social security contribution fraud, corruption offences, fraud, embezzlement, insolvency offences, competition offences)
  • Customs criminal law
  • Selected cases of general criminal law

SCHÄFER.|RECHT is a specialist in individual defense. And also of company representation. We accompany search measures of residential buildings and companies. We advise companies preventively to avoid offences from within the company. Compliance. Witness assistance completes our portfolio.

Dispute resolution

Dispute with tax offices. Disputes with investigating authorities. Disputes before courts. This is our terrain. SCHÄFER.|RECHT knows internal administrative procedures. Knows investigative practices. Knows methods of dispute resolution. We have daily contact with tax offices. To public prosecutor’s offices. To the courts. We are well connected. Silent dispute resolution. Successful settlement of disputes. That is SCHÄFER.|RECHT´s claim. We are only satisfied, when our client is satisfied.