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“We can not direct the wind,

but we can adjust the sails.”



Founded by Stefan Schäfer in 2020, SCHÄFER.RECHT is a highly specialized law firm with expertise in tax law. criminal law. dispute resolution. SCHÄFER.RECHT is characterized and led by three core principles: 
Defense. Trust. Variability.


Defense means protection. Protection against undue criminal charges, unjustified taxes and unwarranted sanctions. Authorities investigate diligently however, not always fairly. SCHÄFER.RECHT is committed to defending and demanding your rights.


Eminent defense requires disclosure and trust. To ensure our clients remain confident, our attorneys use a catered approach, guaranteeing each case is analyzed individually and keeping our clients informed throughout the legal process. SCHÄFER.|RECHT works side by side the client to analyze risks, establish a case prognosis, and evaluate all best suited options. Our attorneys strive to act as your partner, maintaining full transparency of all costs and procedural steps to instill trust and guarantee confidence in your case and our team.


Each case is a different and all persons involved are special and unique in their needs. At SCHÄFER.|RECHT, the client remains the foreground and the most important variable oft he legal process. Our approach involves analyzing all factors within a case, from judges, to police, to prosecutors and witnesses, guaranteeing every contributing component is considered. We stand committed to providing legal advice and counseling that is best suited for our clients and procures the best possible verdict.